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A radio show exploring the audio-journals of a 1980s search expedition in the remote deserts of Utah, airing Spring 2014.

On a recent hike through the slot canyons of southern Utah, not far from Dry Fork Coyote Gulch, Max Weinreich and his father stumbled across a bag of cassette tapes which had been left lying in a sheltered crevice. The tapes, dating from the early 1980s, seem to be the audio-journals of a ramshackle search-and-rescue team who are searching for the trail of a man who disappeared in this very canyon. The content of the tapes concerns the paranormal, the meta, and the deeply human. On Sundays at 3PM, Max and his co-host Patrick Reed explore one of the tapes on air at WYBCx Yale Radio.

Special thanks to our sound editor Thomas Rokholt, our unpaid interns Ariana Shapiro, Olivia Schwob, Sean Sullivan, Nathan J. Campbell, Naima Hebrail, Chloe Lizotte, Nick Henriquez, Aidan Kaplan, and Caroline Sydney. Liz Miles at the Yale Daily News Magazine has written this wonderful meditation on the context and content of the tapes. Thanks as well to my dad, to Prof. Ayesha Ramachandran, and of course WYBCx Yale Radio.

Download the Tapes *Here*

Episode 1: Into the Great Nothingness

Episode 2: Supernatural History

Episode 3: Faking It

Episode 4: Gravities

Episode 5: Map-Space & Clock-Time

Episode 6: It's Good to be Alive

Episode 7: Finale

P.S. There are lots of examples of paracartography floating around, if you look closely. Look up Ley Lines of England. Look up the parageography course at UT Austin. The Jishin-no-ben, the Ise Jingu, mereotopology. For more information, included with the tapes is the introductory chapter of Mary Blackstone's book, A Cartographic Compendium of Anthrospatial Anomalies. It seems she did publish it after all, although not in the way we might have expected.