The goal of this page is to save you the trouble of searching the interwebs for traces of my past self.

World #1 - Earth - it's in danger. Here's a link to an article I wrote in the Yale Daily News about the Fossil Free Yale referendum (2013): What Yes Means at Yale

World #216 - New Haven - this is a reflection on Yale and New Haven and basements (2012). Now when I read it I sort of cringe. City musiq // city limits

World #3 - Bronx Science - I wanted to link to Science Student Blog where I once wrote an angry rant about my high school's English department. But there is no Science Student Blog anymore.

World #4 - Gamyon

World #5 - Gamecontinuum

World #6 - Mookin - you'll have to ask me in person about this one.

World #7 - Austin, TX - I wrote this thing for WYBCx about SXSW Day 1. CRINGE!!!